Covid Holiday Coping Strategies:

5 Ways to Handle a Socially-Distanced Season

It’s the most wonderful time of the year.

But for the families of 250,000 American who have passed away from the Coronavirus it is not. Even for those of us who have not been harmed by the virus, this will be a holiday like no other.

Zooming with Grandma to get some coping wisdom. Photo credit: Heather White

I write about climate change and its impact on mental health. What does this pandemic possibly have to do with eco-anxiety?

Simply, we all have anxiety right now.

Five Covid Holiday Coping Strategies from this Retired Guidance Counselor:

2) Schedule things to look forward to — even if it’s on Zoom or FaceTime. Make sure you have joy on the calendar.

3) Use this time to look through your digital photos, home movies, or even — photo albums. Share stories and re-tell family stories. Record these stories at your Zoom gatherings. You’ll treasure it later.

4) Be patient with yourself, your family, and the community. There is so much pain, but try to lean into the joy. Realize most people are doing the best they can.

Put down the phone. Go for a walk. Photo Credit: Heather White

5) And finally, be present. It’s hard. For many families, we’re together but we’re not. Put the phone down. Go outside for a walk if you can. Listen. Look up. And wear your mask!

Here’s to finding moments of peace in our pandemic world. This, too, shall pass. Until then we must embrace each moment.

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Creating a greener world. CEO Heather White Strategies. Past CEO of Yellowstone Forever & ED of EWG, Hill staffer. Eco-anxiety expert.

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